When will closed industries be reopened?

V6 Velugu Posted on Oct 14, 2021

  • Even after seven years they await reopening
  • No 100 days dream even after 2500 days!

Hyderabad, Velugu: The TRS government, which came to power with a galore of assurances and promises to reopen the closed industries and give life to sick units, has not taken any steps to implement pledges made in the election manifesto and the separate state movement. It vowed that it would reopen the closed units within hundred days of its coming to power. But even after seven of its rule the promises still await for implementation. With a number of industries like Nizam Sugars, Praga Tools,Alwin,HMT, HCL, IDPL, Azamjahi mills becoming sick thousands of workers have been on the roads. By the time Telangana was formed about 1600 medium and 3thousand small companies had been closed. Even after TRS came to power about 13thousand small and medium industries have been closed. With no help from the Government forthcoming and unable to pay salaries to the staff during the Corona period the industries had to face the closure. Around four and half lakh employees lost their jobs during the past seven and half year period.

The TRS in its 2014 election manifesto stated that it would reopen Praga Tools, Alwin, HMT, IDPL closed during the period of Seemandhra rule and along with them Nizam Sugars, Azam jahi mills would also be reopened. It propagated the issues during the movement and also during the election campaign. TRS supreme KCR in a number of occasions mentioned about them and in a meeting held at Bodhan promised that within hundred of our coming to power a decision would be taken on Nizam Sugars. But it was a different story after TRS came to power, all the assurances have been thrown to winds with no action on them so far. The frustrated employees of the closed companies resorted to a number of agitations and approached the government a number of times but there has been no response. Except the Sirpur-Kazagnagar paper mill no industrial unit has been reopened so far.

It the closed units are reopened there will be so much of employment to thousands of youth directly and indirectly. The reopening of Nizam Sugars benefits the farmers a lot as they need not have to transport their sugar cane to other areas. All the industries that have been closed did a lot of benefit to the state in terms of employment and development. The people are appealing the government to honor its promise of reopening the units so that it could give them a hope for life. They even warn the government of resorting to agitation to realize their demands.

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