No more than Raithu Bandhu.. Govt. avoids in put subsidy compensation

V6 Velugu Posted on Oct 04, 2021

  • Loss due to calamities ignored

Hyderabad, Velugu: The TRS government which claims that it is for the farmers and by the farmers is leaving them in the lurch in the case of calamities. It seems that Raithu Bandhu, which provides Rs.10000 to the farmers per acre per year, is the panacea for all the problems of the farmers in the state. It says that as it has been paying Rs.10,000 per acre to farmers why should it help them in case of crop loss due to floods and natural calamities. The government is not even responding even the farmers lost ever thing due to the calamities. It is quite unfortunate the government is not even paying the compensation to the farmers being given by the Central Government. It is depositing the amount in the Raithu Bandhu account. The State High Court categorically gave a judgment recently that compensation should be paid to the farmers who lost their crops in the torrential rains last year. It also stipulated that the amount should be paid within four months. The affidavits submitted by the government shows its tendency.

Crop loss more than 7cr

The rains and floods last year affected crops in lakhs of acres in 18 districts and the loss was estimated at more than 7thousand crores in a survey conducted by the state government. It also said that if the loss is estimated as per the Minimum Support Prices the input subsidy would be around Rs.7,219cr. And demaned the Union government to pay Rs.465cr to help the affected farmers and Rs.885cr to take up other assistance works. Responding to the letter from the state government the Union government allowed it to utilize Rs.188cr for input subsidy from the funds given under disaster management. But the state government has not taken any step to help the farmers. In the back drop of the recent High Court judgment officials are having discussions to pay in put subsidy to the farmers affected by floods last year. It is not at all proper for the state government to link Raithu Bandhu help to crop loss compensation. On this alibi the government has not paid any compensation to the farmers for the last three years. So far 16 lakh farmers suffered loses and this year also floods submerged crops in lakhs of acres. Instead of helping the farmers the government its responsibility in the guise of Raithu Bandhu.

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