Frauds in Kalyanalakshmi exposed

V6 Velugu Posted on Oct 15, 2021

Frauds in Kalyanalakshmi exposed -
Vigilence probe reveals the combined loot

Hyderabad, Velugu : Nothing stops corruption when it involves money irrespective of the sanctity of the scheme. The State government introduced Kalyana Lakshmi scheme to help the poor in the time of their daughter’s marriage. But a massive scam of irregularities, bribary and commissions galore came to light involving the ruling TRS leaders and middlemen. In a deep probe conducted by the Vigilance department the role of the leaders and the middlemen was exposed. The department not only exposed the bribary and fraudulent activities but also revealed the names and addresses of the people glaringly connieved in the fraud and took commissions to sanction the amount specified in the scheme to the needy. They influence needy by saying that they have good contacts with the officials and get the amount sanctioned immediately if they are ready to give them commission. It has been confirmed in the report that the surpanches, mptcs, zptcs and some ruling party leaders looting and fleecing the poor who applied for the scheme. They are pocketing the money by getting the Kalyanalakshmi amount sanctioned even to those who are not at all eligible. It is also said in the report that Tahasildar s, RIs and VROs are helping them in the scam. The Vigilance officials brought out the details of the scam as to how the revenue officials resorted to it. From the time of application to the final sanction of the amount they start fleecing the poor with the commission amount ranging from one thousand to ten thousand rupees. The vigilence officials who recently the probe report to the government also recommended departmental action on those who had been prima facie in the loot.

The report said that the irregularities took place in ten districts including Warangal, Janagama, Jaishankar Bhupalapalli with the active involvement of 43 revenue officials for whom the public representatives like MPTCs, ZPTCs along with TRS and MIM local leaders and even Mee Seva staff acted as middlemen. It is also came out all the people representatives involved in the fraud belong to ruling TRS. The probe into the scam had its roots loot that took place in Adilabad RDO office last year. In that case the senior assistant Nadeem was arrested for misusing Rs.86,09,976. Taking a cue from it the Vigilence officials started their probe into the irregularities in the sanctioning of Kalyanalakshmi, Shad Mubarak scheme amount. The probe report exposed each and every official and public representatives, middlemen by name and detailed the modus operandi. Each and every one fleeced the as far as they could and in many cases swallowed the scheme money with fradulent applications. It was a connivance on a massive scale to plunder the money that the government sanctioned for the purpose helping the poor families to get their daughters married without any financial pressure.

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