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V6 Velugu Posted on Sep 29, 2021

- 8 lakh students in dilemma

- Corona fear still haunt 

Hyderabad, Velugu: The decisions of the government regarding off line and on line classes are confusing the students as they are unable to perceive the intent of it. At once the government says that it is not compulsory for the students to attend off line clases and on the other hand stopped digital and on line classes. Now it is saying that  if the students want to listen the lessons  they must go to classes. This kind of confusing   statements from the officials causing a lot of agony and angry among the parents. They say that due to the Corona they could not send their children to schools but now as the on line classes are stopped what they should do? Because of Corona TV and Online classes were started in the month of July this year. But as the off line classes were started from 1st of this month’s the online classes were stopped. As per the official records  by Tuesday 43 percent students attended classes physically out of this 58 percent of students attended the government schools. There are 26,285 government and model schools in the state and 21,03,741 students studying in them. Out of these only 12.30 lakh students attended the classes by Tuesday. It means that about 8 lakh students have not attended the classes. As there is still Corona fear among the parents they are indecisive about sending their wards to schools.  As the government stopped online  classes the situation of about eight lakh students is very worrisome. Though schools have been opened  government hostels are yet to open. About two lakh SC,ST , BC, minority students are residing in the hostels. There is no chance for the to attend the classes unless the hostels are opened. The High Court  ordered that  no hostels and residential schools, except educational institutions, should be opened. On different grounds about 8 lakh students are in a confusion as to what to do as there are no online classes and no chance to attend the classes until hostels are opened.

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