Only Peddavagu will be handed over

Only Peddavagu will be handed over
  • TS categorical in GRMB
  • AP gives its nod
  • Both states question seed money

Hyderabad, Velugu: As the date for the implementation of the Central notification is fast nearing, contentions between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh seem to be unending, with the former categorically stating that it was ready to hand over only Peddavagu project and nothing else, while the latter said it was prepared to give  the project management to the Godavari Board. The Telangana and Andhra Pradesh irrigation officials who attended the 12th GRMB meeting held under the chairmanship of Chandrasekhar Ayyar  expressed their arguments strongly regarding handing over of the projects. Andhra Pradesh officials gave their nod to give the project management authority to GRMB but the Telangana officials stated that they would announce their decision after consulting the government.  As the Andhra Pradesh officials asked the Board to take over the management of all the water projects in Telangana and that it would be useless to have Peddavagu under its jurisdiction as it has only 16 thousand acres of ayacut. Officials of of both the states asked the GRMB chairman why so much of seed money required for the management of the Boards. Arguments regarding handing over of the other projects is inconclusive, ground is being prepared to implement the gazette notification from 14th with Pedavagu project common project and the same is confirmed by Board member secretary BP Pandey. He also stated that both the states said that their opinion would be revealed in the Board meetings concerning other projects.

The Telangana irrigation special CS Rajit Kumar told the board that unless the states were ready to hand over the projects as per the gazette, there was no right for the Board to take over the projects unilaterally. “ Our Chief Minister has already requested the Prime Minister and other Union ministers to postpone the implementation of the gazette. As per that the state should be given an exemption.” He demanded that along with Peddavagu project the Board should take over Seelaru project also. He mentioned that power has been produced from the project for the last seven years and a share from it  should be given to Telangana and also that there has been no clarity on this issue. An amount of Rs 31 lakh was due from Andhra Pradesh regarding costs incurred in the management of Pedavagu and it should be released forthwith, Rajit Kumar said. He also requested the GRMB to take over Davaleswaram barrage, Pattiseema, Polavaram and Puroshothampatnam Lifts from Andhra Pradesh.

The Andhra Pradesh water resources  secretary told the Board that Telangana has built many projects which prevented water flow to their state and demanded that the projects from  Sriramsagar to Seetarama lift irrigation all the projects in Telangana should be taken over by  the board. He also made it clear that Seelaru power house would not be handed over the board.  The Chairman said that  Seelaru and other projects jurisdiction issue would be  settled after getting the opinions of the states and that there was no need for the states to hand over their staff to the board.