BC policy A hype or Hope!

V6 Velugu Posted on Oct 11, 2021

  • Report pending with CM KCR

Hyderabad, Velugu: What has happened to the promise of bringing BC policy for the development of the people in all sectors? It has been four years since the government gave the assurance to BCs for their progress in all fields. The Chief Minister himself held meetings with BC people representatives for three days so grandly to assure them that the government was committed for the development of BCs and a comprehensive policy in this regard would be formulated. To this effect 10 resolutions were also unanimously passed. The BCs believed that if the government bring the policy it would help them to have a foot hold in all sectors which would also ensure their progress. But so far not a single step has been taken in this regard which is agonizing the community. They are blaming the government for ignoring them and throwing their hopes to winds. The BC leaders are alleging that by conducting meetings with concerned Ministers, MLAs and MPs in the Assembly and taking their suggestions, the CM left them in the lurch by ignoring everything afterwards. The Chief Minister assured them of everything from reservations in education to healthcare and key decisions were also taken and 210 resolutions were also passed in 2017 and even made an announcement in the Assembly on the issue. Following the decisions the ministers met BC caste association leaders and other communities separately to know their problems and troubles and discussed on the ways to resolve them. The meetings went non-stop for nine days and a study was also conducted. Basing on the information and details a report on
comprehensive BC policy was prepared under the supervision of the then BC Welfare Minister Jogu Ramanna and it was handed over to the Chief Minister in the Pragathi Bhavan.

But, it has been four years and the report is still pending with the Chief Minister and the hopes of the BCs are diluting day by day. They hoped that the BC policy would ensure proper representation to them in politics, education and employment and also strengthen them politically. Angered at the fact that no decision has been taken even after passing resolutions in the Assembly and in the Council four years ago, the BC leaders are bent on to realize their dreams. They warned the government that they would organize state wide agitations unless the resolutions regarding their welfare are not implemented. The National BC Welfare Association Presdent R. Krishnaiah gave a strong warning in this regard and also accused the government of turning the BCs as beggars by ignoring their welfare.

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