No compromise on States rights

V6 Velugu Posted on Oct 08, 2021

  • Ready to fight with the Centre
  • Will make the old city an Istanbul
  • Rs 58,303 crores spent on village development
  • KCR says in the Assembly

Hyderabad, Velugu: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao castigated the attitude of the Central Government by saying that it was taking more funds from the State government and giving lesser funds to it. In a short duration discussion in the Assembly held on villages and the towns development, he mentioned a number of issues relation to the development of Telangana. He said that he did not say that he would make Karimnagar a Dallas of Telangana and asserted that the old city would be developed like Istanbul in a phased manner. Reacting to the comments of the members he angrily responded in an assertive manner. He questioned the members that “ Is it wrong to inculcate positive attitude among the people? And is it an offence to dream for development”. He sarcastically commented that employment guarantee are not coming from United Nations Organization and in comparison with the funds the Centre is taking from the state what it is getting in return from it is very meager. He also commented that continuous regularization of lands will make land grabbing a regular problem and that there is an urgent need to end it. He blamed the Congress and BJP for grabbing the rights of the States and alleged that the BJP government at the Centre tried to take over petrol income by including it in the GST.

In a strong indication that he will not compromise on the rights of the States KCR said he is ready to fight with the Centre to protect the right of the states with regard to different issues. Saying that the Constitution has provided the right to States to have a share in the taxes but the 15th Finance Commission reduced the share of states in the taxes, he alleged. With regard to the issues in the common list the Central government has been behaving in an unilateral manner thereby affecting the legitimate right of the States, he criticized. He said that the taxes were collected as per the EGS rules and in what way it was wrong to use the funds to build Kallas and Vaikunthadhamas, the CM said. He also said comments were being made as if Telangana was in India and the EGS funds were being given by UNO.

Keeping in view the financial needs of villages and municipalities, the CM said “Every month we are releasing Rs 227crores to villages and Rs 112 crores to municipalities” “It is our fortune that Hyderabad is in Telangana. Once a man used to make statements as if he himself built it. Hyderabad has a history
of four hundred years. It has developed on its own strength and infrastructure” KCR said. He also blamed the Congress for the sorrow state of the city by saying that “ It is because of your faulty actions the towns are being submerged in water..we are struggling hard to rectify the mistakes you have made”. He said mentioned that during the rule of the Congress even seeds were not supplied to farmers but his government has been helping the farmers in every manner it could. With the development of villages healthy atmosphere is developing and contagious diseases and viral fevers have been driven out, the CM asserted. During the last seven years an amount of Rs 58,303crore has been spent for comprehensive development of villages, KCR stated in the Assembly.

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