Government has given clarity on 10th Exams and Syllabus

V6 Velugu Posted on Oct 12, 2021

Hyderabad, Velugu: The Velugu story has opened the eyes of the government and the dilemma and agony of the tenth students ended on a positive note. The government has given a clarity on number of papers and the syllabus. At last the Government has come out of its deep sleep and realized the need to give a clarity regarding Tenth exam papers and syllabus. Taking into account of the dilemma of the students and well as the teachers, the government  has clarified that as was the case in the last year in this academic year also there will be only six papers and that there will be only 70percent of the syllabus. The education secretary Sandeep Kumar Sultania released orders separately setting aside the criticism. The Velugu brought to the notice of the Government about the delay and confusion regarding number of papers and the syllabus. Immediately responding to its story the government set the things right  and ended the confusion. Except Hindi subject, there used to be 11 papers for five subjects. But the number was reduced to six due to Corona last year. As the impact of the pandemic is still on it has decided to continue the six papers system this year also. There will be exam for only 80 marks and the duration will be 3.15hours. And the twenty marks will be  given to students basing on internal assessment. There is a rule that 100percent syllabus should be taught to the students for exam purpose only 70percent syllabus will be taken into consideration. As the things have been settled  the process to conduct the exams is getting started and exam fees schedule will start from the first week of November. The exams department director clarified that there will  not be any increase in exam fee. It has already been announced that the exams will be conducted in March-April months.

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