Dry land enumeration to cut Raithu Bandhu help?

V6 Velugu Posted on Sep 30, 2021

  • Farmers fear stoppage help for non-cultivated lands

Hyderbad, Velugu: The State Government has cast an eye on the lands which are not under cultivation. It has ordered the ground level agricultural officers to take note of the lands not being cultivated. It seems that the reason behind the enumeration of non-  agricultural lands is to save at least some amounts from the Raithu Bandhu from next  Yasangi.  As ordered by the Government the officers, who are already on the ground are gathering details of the dry lands as per the survey numbers. To post the details regarding the dry lands it has given an option in the Crop Booking Portal. And according to that the officers are declaring the lands in which no cultivation is done as no crop areas in every village and clusters.  The latest decision of the Government is shocking the farmers, who hitherto got Raith Bandhu help from the government Rs. 5 thousand per acre whether they cultivate it or not. As the financial state of the Government is not sound as it used to be, it is learnt that it is thinking of stopping investment help to the lands in which no cultivation is done. There have been criticisms that while monsoon crops are yielding some good results, the during  Yasangi most of the funds are going for non-cultivated lands. Added to this is financial crunch which is said to be the main cause for the Government latest thinking.  The Central Government has given Rs. 7505.78cr as monsoon investment to farmers at the rate of Rs.5 thousand per acre. Lakhs of farmers have been benefited by the help. The experts say that in spite sowing different crops there is no scope for cultivation in more than 1.35 crores of acres. As per this estimate even without cultivation investment help was extended to almost 15 lakh acres. During yasangi season the cultivation estimated to take place in 36.43 lakh acres. But in the last season  in a record manner  farmers cultivated 68.14 acres of land. If the Raithu Bandhu help is given to all 1.50 cr acres of land the required investment  would be Rs. 7508.78cr. And if the help is restricted to only 75lakh acres cultivated land Rs.3,750cr could be saved. Keeping the fact in view the Government has taken up the dry land enumeration.

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