Nothing should be left to chance KCR orders party leaders

V6 Velugu Posted on Sep 30, 2021

  • Huzurabad campaign strategy sharpened

Huzurabad, Velugu: The ruling TRS which is bent on winning the Huzurabad bye poll is making effort to pocket it. In spite of doling out a number of schemes and making assurances, it seems that the party did not achieve the hold it wanted to have.  In order to lure the voters it specially introduced Dalitha Bandhu  scheme and taken up the task of finishing the pending works, the TRS has come to the realization that still something  is lacking in attracting the voters, the Chief Minister and the party head KCR has come to the scene to rectify the shortcomings and set right the scene. As part of it he started sharpening winning strategies and said  to be engage in it completely.  Soon after returning from Delhi , he took note of the scene in Huzurabad and the party’s position with regard to that and called in Minister Harish Rao to Pragathi Bhawan  and had a discussion with him for about three hours on Wednesday.  He is said to have inquired about everything  from the ground political situation to party candidate’s winning chances and also the strengths and drawbacks opposition candidates. He is said to have taken note of the aspects that are advantageous to the party candidate.  As he did in |Graduates MLC elections KCR has taken up the responsibility of winning the bye election and campaigning rigorously to that end. On the other hand the TRS working president KTR had a meeting with MLAs and MLCs at Begumpet  camp office and discussed about the winning strategies to be followed in Huzurabad bye poll.

The Chief Minister has given clear cut orders to three  in charge Ministers and ten MLAs and three MLCs not to leave Huruzabad until the campaign is completed.  Apart from it some other MLAS, MLCs and party general secretaries are trooping to the constituency to take up the campaigning charge very soon. The party chief appointed  three to five MLAs as in charges in each Mandal and also appointed an in charge for every 50 voters and ordered them to meet the voters in every two days period so that they do not slip out from party fold.  He also ordered the Minister not to miss Assembly sessions and soon after it go to the constituency to sharpen the winning strategies. But in a clear indication, KCR ordered the MLAs, and MLCs should  not to leave Huzurabad and that there should not be any loose ends as far as the campaign is concerned.

Meetings with different communities should be continue as they have been giving good results, KCR told them and ordered that the tempo must be maintained so that nothing is left to chance. As these kind of meetings gave the party the desired results in the Hyderabad Graduates MLC elections, the in charges should leave no stone unturned in the conduction  of community and caste meetings. The Chief Minister has made it clear that along with MLAs and MLCs concerned the Ministers, if needed, should attend the caste meetings and give the people the trust they needed. The party chief inquired about the presence of non-local leaders and the problems being encountered from them. In this back drop he mentioned about the negative results that the party received in Dubbaka bye election  and asked the party leaders to be careful about these people and keep the party winning chances are not lost on any count.

As the party chief gave the guidelines to win the bye-election TRS working president KTR followed his own plan with regard to Huzurabad and has given some tasks to party  leaders and MLAs, MLCs and asked them to give information to him about the ground realities continuously and asked them to utilize every chance and way that guarantees party victory.

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