Telangana, dream come true: KCR

Telangana, dream come true: KCR
  • Comprehensive progress in all sectors
  • Welfare has no limits, no shortage in any thing
  • CM KCR lists the progress in the Assembly

Hyderabad, Velugu: Comprehensive development has been taking place in every field in Telangana and it is a wondrous State with all round wonderful progress, asserted the Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhara Rao during a short discussion on felfare in the Assembly.” The state of Telangana has every thing as far as the development, progress and welfare of people is concerned. There has been no shortage of power, medical help, water and there are immense employment opportunities” the CM said. There was a time the people from the state used to go to other states in search of employment but not as the scene has drastically changed and comprehensive development is taking place it is the otherway round now. People from other states are coming to the state to get employment, KCR elaborated in the House explaining the achievements of his government. KCR expressed his happiness over the development that his government has achieved by saying that “ I am more happy now. The developed and welfare oriented Telangana, for which we have struggled for decades, has become true. The state is witnessing development not seen in any of the Indian state”. During the Question Hour, he talked about fasal Bhima and the problems of tenant farmers. He described fasal bima as bogus and that it was not formulated in a scientific manner. While in the ten year rule of the Congress party an amount of Rs 21,663 was spent for the welfare of different sections of people but his government spent Rs 74,165cr just in seven years for SC, ST,BC, Minorities and women and child welfare, the CM stated in the Assembly. The Telangana state stood forth among five or six states in terms of feeding the nation.

The Chief Minister said that as government has been working for the welfare of the people with dedication and commitment and all-round development of the state, it is gaining the trust and confidence of the people and has been the elections. In this regard he mentioned that during the 2014 elections people gave us simple majority but in 2018 elections gave us 88 seats, indicating the penetration of TRS in the state. He asked the Opposition parties not to sacrifice the state for narrow political gains and not to be ignorant of the real development taking place in the state.

Per capita income doubled

The Chief Minister said that the per capita income in the state has doubled to Rs2,37,633 in comparison with the neighboring Andhra Pradesh which has a per capita income of Rs 1,70,215. The per capita income of Telangana is two times even in comparison with the Central per capita income, he stated. “The Central government is not doling out any additional funds to the state. It is only giving its share in the taxes, noting more than that. However, what can we expect from the Centre government which itself is in a financially dying condition” The CM clarified that the government did not remove the field assistants as themselves quit the jobs and assured that any chance to reinstate them would be pursuied. “ Th Yadari temple is being built in such a grand manner that surprises the world nations. Efforts will be taken to reopen the temple either in November last week or in the first week of December by conducting massive Sudersana yaga” the Chief Minister announce. He made sarcastic comments on the Congress party by saying that its leaders lack management skills and in its rule there used to be no power in the Assembly even during the sessions. He announced that after Dusera festival residential schools would be opened. He categorically said that it was not the responsibility of the government to take care of tenant farmers and any problems they should be resolved by discussing with the landlords. The Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution regarding caste wise census of BC population and made a point in it that the census be taken up along with national population census.